First Eucharist

St. Joseph's First Eucharist is a two-year preparation course which begins in Grade 1. Our program tries to lead the children to a deeper understanding of the person Jesus by making Jesus a part of their daily lives, by building faith community in which they can grow and by helping them realize the responsibility we each have to serve the needs of others. We try to foster a life lives on the values that our faith teachers us-the values you teach them.

In doing this we recognize that you are the primary religious educators of your children and that we the teachers assist you in this important task and together we will help the children on their faith journey to their God.

The Sacrament of Penance is received in Grade 2 in January followed by First Eucharist which is celebrated in the Spring of Grade 2. St. Joseph's celebrates First Eucharist on Sundays during the 10:30 or the 1:00 Mass. The various dates begin the Sunday after Easter.

Classes meet either on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 4:00 - 5:15. For information on how to register, please click on the "Registration" tab above.