Grade 8

Eighth Grade Curriculum

Textbook Title:  Our Life in the Church

The eighth grade covers the history of the Church--its founding by Christ, its birth and life in the Holy Spirit, the marks of the one true Church, the Father and Doctors of the Church, the saints and the role of religious communities in Church history.  Also covered is the structure and hierarchy of the Church, the Magisterium, clergy, religious and laity.  Students come to know and love the Church as Christ's Body to better understand the nature of their life in the Church and to respond to the teachings of the Magisterium as the sure voice of Jesus, strengthening their lives in the Church and leading them to discern their specific vocations and to live lives of Christian holiness in the world today.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to hand in assignments weekly.  In order to keep your child on track and not overwhelmed, follow the assignment list weekly.  Completion of all assigned lessons, specific Confirmation projects and final projects must be done by the due dates in order for your child to be confirmed.